AgDiscovery at ISU

AgDiscovery 2014

The dates for the upcoming AgDiscovery are July 6-19, 2014.

Application forms are available at the USDA AgDiscovery website.

View the 2014 Schedule of Events (PDF)!

What is AgDiscovery?

Iowa's AgDiscovery program helps teenagers learn about careers in Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science, Laboratory Technology and Wildlife Ecology. Students live on the Iowa State University campus and learn from university professors, scientists who work for the U.S. government, and local agricultural producers and animal welfare and management organizations.

Students who participate gain experience through hands-on labs, workshops, and field trips. Team-building activities and diversity workshops build important life skills in participants.

AgDiscovery is made possible by a collaborative agreement between USDA, Animal and Plant Health and Inspection Service (APHIS) and Iowa State University.